CalterPest is at the cutting edge of bedbug control and detection. Bedbugs can be found “close to the host” and hide away waiting for their meal to fall asleep before they emerge to feed. They prefer no movement and silence and are attracted to the breath or carbon dioxide release of the host. Bedbugs are seen in different colors and shapes according to their age and feeding schedule. Calterpest inspectors are experts in detecting infestations as well as locating hiding areas. Calterpest promises to control your infestation with our three step process we call INSPECT. CORRECT. PROTECT.

The first step for effective bedbug control is an inspection. This is the most important part as it allows our experienced inspectors to survey your situation , determine the level of infestation, as well as other important factors. Your Calterpest inspector formulates a plan of action with service and results at heart.
To schedule your free inspection call…..(some restrictions apply) After your inspection is complete we move on to the next step: CORRECT.

Calterpest offers custom solutions for your bedbug problem. In most cases we offer at least two options to aid you in making the best and smartest decision. Our proprietary correction methods are innovative, calculated and custom tailored for you. Calterpest methods for control include:

  • Fumigation with gas
  • Chemical , including natural solutions
  • Heat
  • Prevention
  • Certified K9 Inspections with certified handlers

After your CORRECT. service is complete we move to the last step we call PROTECT.

Calterpest protection methods are specific to each pest. Calterpest studies behaviors and tendencies
of bedbugs to develop effective and time tested control methods. Our correction methods for
bedbugs include:

  • Re infestation precautions and recommendations
  • Visual Inspections as needed
  • K9 certifications
  • Entomologist Pest ID
  • Travel recommendations