We offer correction for all pests, including bedbugs, termites, roaches, ants and rodents, etc. Our treatment methods are specific and customized to your needs and wants. We offer these solutions for your peace of mind:

  • Fumigation Tent
  • Foam and Liquid Spot Treatments
  • Mother Earth-Approved Solutions.

Fumigation – for 100% eradication

How does fumigation work?

We use a gas called Vikane. Vikane will penetrate every single wood member behind walls, between floors and even in furniture and wood floors. It has been in use for over 50 years. Millions of structures have been treated with it. It is odorless, leaves no residue and is non-flammable or staining.

How long does the treatment process take?

Fumigation-tent treatment takes about 2½ days.

Most of our clients fumigate during the weekends. You can plan a vacation or even stay with a family member. You can visit your property and walk around and inspect it at any time during the treatment.

What do I have to do to get ready?

Included with your service is a quick preparation class, which we like to conduct at least one week before your scheduled date.

Preparing your home for a treatment involves three main steps:

  1. Remove all your valuable and irreplaceable belongings, including cash, jewelry,
    guns, paintings, etc.
  2. Remove or bag all of your food, medicine and vitamins. We will provide you with special Nylo Fume bags to place your food into. If your food has a manufacturer’s airtight seal, then you don’t have to bag it; you can leave it in place.
  3. Remove all your pets and plants.

What about the security of my property?

Calterpest will double-lock all main entry doors. We recommend that you contact your local police department to let them know about your treatment schedule. Notify your neighbors to keep an eye out for any strangers lurking about your property. We believe that good preparation will make your structure less likely to be a target for thieves.

Budget-Friendly Foam and Liquid Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are a smart, low-cost solution for controlling termites and other pests. CalterPest uses proprietary treatment solutions, cutting-edge equipment, technology and name-brand chemicals.

We strategically locate our chemicals for quick-acting pest control or long-lasting residual control.

Spot treatments are typically less costly than fumigation tenting. Spot treatments include a 30-day to two-year warranty. In most cases, you will not have to vacate your home during your treatments. These treatments also include baiting, trapping, spraying and fogging.

Mother Earth-Approved Solutions

CalterPest is dedicated to protecting your family and the Earth from pests, without excessive use of chemicals and pesticides. In most cases, effective pest control can be achieved without the use of chemicals. These solutions are unique to each customer.

They include:

  • Borates, diatomaceous earth, or other natural chemicals taken directly from the earth
  • Rodent and pest-proofing of structures
  • Baiting and trapping
  • Biological pest controls.

After all active infestations have been eliminated, Calterpest moves on to the final step: PROTECT.