Termites and pests are almost everywhere. They live in trees and fences, neighboring structures and even underground. Some pests will enter your home through cracks and crevices, or through a door that’s accidentally been left open. Understanding this enables you to make the right decision about how to better protect your structure.

Protection against wood-destroying organisms such as termites, fungus beetles, etc. includes:

  • Annual inspection
  • Unlimited service treatments at no additional cost
  • Preventive treatment

Annual Inspection

Calterpest will inspect your structure once per year. The inspection will determine if there is any new pest activity. The service will identify any minor problems that could attract or provoke more termite infestations.

This program will include a yearly inspection and treatment of any termite infestations discovered during the inspection. It also includes unlimited service calls for the year. The yearly service program can be extended from year to year. This program will keep the termites under control and prevent them from ever causing damage to your structure.

Unlimited service treatments

Not sure if your home has termites? Send us a pic and we’ll reply to you ASAP. If there is evidence of termite activity, then the treatment will be covered by the PROTECT service program.

Preventive treatments

CalterPest is an expert in preventing and controlling termites. Applying the right chemical to the wood parts of your home is a smart, low-cost solution that will save you time and money. The chemicals we use have long-lasting residues and are natural. Some of these solutions include: pre-treatment for new construction; pre-treatment of new or replaced wood; and spraying the wood in attics and crawlspaces. Preventing termites from entering your home is another solution we offer. Installing screens and sealing cracks in specific parts of your structure can do the trick. Your Calterpest inspector will identify the areas that will benefit the most from these solutions.

Protection against General Pests/ Ants, spiders, roaches, bedbugs, etc, includes:

Pests are continually invading your structure. These types of pests are in constant search of food, water and shelter. They include ants, spiders, fleas, and roaches. They require regular service to be controlled.

For protection, we offer:

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service
  • Unlimited inspections
  • Preventive treatments

Monthly, bi monthly or quarterly control
The service schedule is customized to your needs and wants.

Unlimited inspections

There are hundreds of types of pests. Identifying them is the first step to determining how to control them. If you see a pest and you’re not sure what is, just take a pic and send it to us. We will ID the pest and get right back to you.

Preventive treatments
We offer preventive treatments to control pests before they ever enter your structure. These treatments include top-of-the-line chemicals, green chemicals, baiting and exclusion measures.

Your inspector will inspect all areas that might lead to pest infestations, and/or areas that have already been treated. The inspector will also point out any conditions that could lead to new infestations so you can take steps to prevent them.